The Venus Factor: A Program to Help You Lose Weight Fast and Easy


Have you been looking for a suitable female fat loss formula? Do you want to know how to lose weight fast and easy? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to check out the Venus Factor right away.

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A Common Experience

It’s no secret that many women over the age of twenty five start to find it more difficult to keep their weight under control. Sometimes it can seem as if eating healthy foods and exercising just doesn’t work anymore to keep the weight off and your body toned and fit. When this happens, your self-esteem can plummet because you don’t look good anymore when your favorite jeans are too tight and the thought of wearing a bikini becomes a distant dream rather than your favorite beach attire.

Or it may be that you’ve tried the latest fad diet in an attempt to lose weight fast and easy, and managed to lose a few pounds but as soon as you come off the diet, the weight piled back on again. It is frustrating and disappointing when this happens and many women lose faith in ever finding a way to lose weight fast and easy, let alone keep it off. It can seem as if life is great for everyone but you as you as you continue to buy larger clothes and worry about your boyfriend or husband losing interest in your relationship because you do no look and feel ‘hot’. If you really want to try to find out how to lose fat fast and easy, keep reading.

The Venus Factor Solution: A Female Fat Loss Formula

Finally, there is a solution to show you how to lose weight fast and easy and at the same time, retrieve some of the self-esteem that disappeared as your weight increased. The Venus Factor has been designed specifically for women and has proven to be one of the best fitness programs to address the female fat loss formula. In short, it is an excellent solution for effective female weight loss.

Losing body fat is pretty much the same for men and women however there is one important difference. Men and women have different metabolisms and body types so that if you have been following a program that works well for men, it is unlikely it will work effectively for women. The secret to success is honing in on a female fat loss formula when looking for how to lose weight fast and easy.

The program was developed by John Barban who is knowledgeable about female weight loss and is in fact regarded as an expert in the field. The Venus Factor provides a focus on key weight loss issues that are faced by women who are attempting to lose weight.No, you do not need to spend half of your life at a gym in an attempt to kill yourself with cardio sessions. The Venus Factor will show you how to lose weight fast and easy without this type of effort, which by the way can often be a major road block to staying motivated. The Venus Factor female fat loss formula has been designed with a view to optimizing workouts so that you are able to lose weight fast by doing less work.

What’s Great About the Venus Factor?

  • Toned Body – it is designed to help you achieve a fit, lean and sexy body. Exercises are included for toned thighs, legs, buttocks as well as other areas that indicate an attractive woman. The program is not meant to produce a body that is manly and muscular, but rather, tone your body so as to accentuate your sex appeal.Feeling fit and sexy is a great confidence booster too.
  • Body Sculpting – You will learn how to develop and measure your ideal body ratios, such as:

–  Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR)
–  Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)
–  Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio (WSR):

These ratios are explained in a simple and easy to understand manner so that you know what your personal ideal body ratio is. Achieving your ideal body ratio is what you are shooting for so that your body shape is that of a sexy woman, not a muscular man.

  • Gym Membership – is not required so you need not worry about feeling self-conscious by revealing your body to others.  You can do the workouts at home with a bench or chair and two dumbbells in private at home while achieving the same results as you would at a gym.
  • Nutrition Plans – these are included and you will be surprised to find that they are not severely restricted. The suggested foods are not only nutritious, but very tasty as well.In fact, the Venus Factor female fat loss formula allows you to include your favorite foods.
  • Guaranteed – a 60 day money back guarantee is provided and the program also has a 24 hour responsive top notch customer service program

What’s Not so Great

You will need a computer and an Internet connection to access the product because it is provided in a digital format. One way around this is to print it out however you will still have to make the initial download.

If you have health issues, osteoporosis in particular, the Venus Factor female weight loss formula will not be likely to be suitable. However, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first prior to starting the program.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Venus Factor female fat loss formula is a proven product and can show you how to lose weight fast and easy. Many women have testified to the effectiveness of the program and how it has turned their lives around. It is a successful program that can transform your body from a lumpy, rolling mass of fat into one that is fit, sexy and beautiful. You shouldn’t wait any longer to start you own personal body transformation by learning how to lose weight fast and easy with this bestselling female fat loss formula.

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